The Hadaway House by Patkau Architects

When Patkau Architects began building the Hadaway House in Whistler, BC, they were challenged by the town’s incredibly strict building guidelines, which restricted everything from height to exterior materials. But not content with building just another cookie-cutter home, founder John Patkau worked within the system to create a truly one-of-a-kind house – one he describes as “a spaceship in the middle of log cabins.” The description is entirely befitting of the Hadaway House, whose unique design makes it look as if its from the future. Almost none of the corners in the structure meet at a traditional right angle, giving the house a very surreal, otherworldly vibe. Patkau himself states there is no coherent structural system to the building; rather the complex polygonal shape of the house was designed to maximize spatial efficiency, while also solving the home’s environmental challenges. For example, the dramatic slope of the roof ensures Whistler’s legendary snowfall stays off the house and away from pedestrians, while the combination of concrete, steel, and heavy timber used for the exterior help to regulate heat and provide additional support from seismic activity in the region. It’s the kind of house that could easily double as a snowy lair for a Bond villain, a house whose ultra modern flair brings it a lot closer to looking like an interstellar spaceship than your typical Whistler cabin.

source: ARCHDAILY/ Hypebeast