Berluti - Presenting a collection in a museum of natural history

You can always count on Berluti to put on a show. Not a brash and raucous spectacle like but a meticulously designed and perfectly executed dream world, where every detail is considered. For Fall 2013, the historic label—traditionally known for its top-notch shoes and boots, and only recently branching out into clothing—took over the Grande galerie de l’Évolution at Paris’ Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, interspersing the models among the fossils and other animal specimens, with giraffes and elephants towering overhead. But if the setting suggested rugged exploration—Hemingway on safari, perhaps—the clothes maintained the label’s tradition of sharp suiting and sturdy sportswear with a classical old-world aesthetic. There were several highly appealing pieces of outerwear, ranging from Samuel Roberts’ aggressive leather trench to John Todd’s impossibly elegant evening coat, all in a dark, inky palette with sparse grace notes of rich color. The collection had a sense of unimpeachable luxury and elegance, with the brand bringing its trademark sensibility to an ever-expanding wardrobe of options.