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The Quiet Beauty of Japan's Cherry Blossoms

Spring in Japan is magical. From late March to mid-April, the country’s iconic sakura (cherry blossoms) blankets the earth in muted wonder. Blossoms begin in Okinawa and moves up-country on its Cherry Blossom-Front or sakura-zensen. The Japanese are dedicated followers of the forecast, holding location-dependent celebrations, or hanami. Here, National Geographic invited photographers to share submissions of the blooms. Witness the quiet charm that is mother nature and contemplate seeing it for yourself the next time around.

To get into the spirit of the celebrations yourself, check out the PUMA SUEDE “Sakura.”


Lexus Creates a Fully Drivable Cardboard Car

To celebrate the skills of its craftspeople, Lexus has created a full-size, drivable cardboard replica of its IS sedan using 1,700 sheets of precision-cut cardboard. Each 10mm thick, the cardboard sheets had to be glued together by hand in sequence with a water-based wood glue, taking 10 minutes to set every time. The project was carried out by LaserCut Works and Scales and Models using a digital 3D model of the sedan provided by Lexus, and took a total of three months to assemble. The cardboard replica was then mounted atop a steel and aluminum frame with an attached electric motor, thus allowing the car to be driven.

BMW 40 Years of Art Car

Beginning with Calder’s 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL Art Car, the German automobile company has worked with renowned artists from Warhol to Koons on some of the most famed art pieces set on four wheels. This year marks the Art Car’s 40th anniversary, and BMW is celebrating with exhibitions around the world, with its first stop at Concorso d’Eleganza at Lake Como. Since the first Art Car, there have been 17 artists who have recreated their own iteration of a BMW car, including Warhol’s 1979 M1, Roy Lichtenstein’s 320, Koons’ M3 GT2 and Hockney’s 1995 850 CSi. Stay tuned as the “rolling sculptures” will be making their way to New York, Shanghai and Miami. For more information, check out BMW’s site here.

Fondazione Prada New Venue in Milan!

On 9 May 2015, the Fondazione Prada will open its doors in Milan, in a new 205,000 square foot space is located in Largo Isarco. The new Milan venue of the Fondazione, conceived by architecture firm OMA—led by Rem Koolhaas—expands the repertoire of spatial typologies in which art can be exhibited and shared with the public.

The opening will coincide with the launch of “Serial Classic”, an exhibit of classical sculpture co-curated by Anna Anguissola and Salvatore Settis.

"Art of the Italian Two Wheel" Vintage Motorcycle Exhibit in NYC

A collection of rare Italian motorcycles are going on display in New York City, courtesy of Stuart Parr. Parr is a designer, architect, collector and perhaps most well known as being the producer of Eminem’s 8 Mile, is now unveiling “Art of the Italian Two Wheel,” showcasing his own personal collection of motorcycles and street bikes. With an affinity for Italian builds hailing from the 1960s and 1970s, many of these motorcycles are considered top of its class and very rare. Renowned makers such as Ducati, MV Agusta, Laverda and Magni play a big role in the exhibit, unsurprisingly. But unlike normal collectors who treat their collections like gold, Parr actually rides all of his bikes in the streets of NYC. If you’re interested in vehicles and motorcycles, make sure to drop by the exhibition, open now.

Art of the Italian Two Wheel
285 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022


Source: SELECTISM/ hypebeast

Kengo Kuma and Associates' Colorful Cable-Adorned Yakitori Bar

In the suburban town of Kichijoji just outside of Tokyo, architecture practice Kengo Kuma and Associateshave completed a slightly more contemporary project by outfitting a small venue bar and restaurant located on Harmonica Yokocho in an assortment of colored cables. The location still retains an atmosphere reminiscent of the area’s post World War II black market stalls with a distinctly secretive appeal to its nature. An assortment of recycled materials have been used, including that of what you might expect to see on the inside of your average household electrical board as well as larger ethernet components. Whilst the table tops in the space resemble somewhat of a pressed fiberglass counter top, the detailing applied to other areas within the interior has been left loose and layered with paint for an almost dreamy and ethereal effect. Juxtaposed against the artwork of Teruhiko Yumura, acrylic byproducts have been melted down and re-purposed to form the transparent counters and seating in the bar – adding to the interior’s floating aesthetic.


Vasku & Klug Display Preciosa Chandeliers

In the foyer of the hofburg palace in vienna, michael vasku and andreas klug, together with preciosa, open up an alternate universe with their ‘behind locked doors’ installation. They intend to take visitors to, ‘an abandoned place to show them what happens when man is no longer there and organized structure begins to fall apart.’ within this context, they persuade guests to follow a childish instinct that they believe many of us have already lost: the curiosity to want to look behind every door, to investigate every corner; an emotional experience that occurs entirely without curatorial official guidance. His royal building, which grew over the centuries, stands on strong cultural history foundations. It is so firmly rooted in the consciousness of the inhabitants of the city and country that for many it is probably scarcely conceivable that something new and unfamiliar is still to be found. With the first step through the gate, visitors leave behind the metropolis and become part of a classically-charged backdrop in which shimmering chandeliers are presented within a contemporary design gallery. This royal building, which grew over the centuries, stands on strong cultural history foundations. it is so firmly rooted in the consciousness of the inhabitants of the city and country that for many it is probably scarcely conceivable that something new and unfamiliar is still to be found. With the first step through the gate, visitors leave behind the metropolis and become part of a classically-charged backdrop in which shimmering chandeliers are presented within a contemporary design gallery.


A Street Art Exhibition

Magda Danysz Gallery will take over Bund18’s front store for an exclusive street art exhibition that is aimed at being shared live to witness the work in progress. A dozen international artists are invited for this project, from the pioneers of street art such as Futura, international figures such as JoOne and Poesia to the most up-and-coming young generation like Ludo, YZ, and Seth. The public will have access to see the work in progress by looking through the windows of Bund18, and even videos of their performances inside. This unique preview experience will be open between November 18 and November 20, before the formal show opens from October 20 to December 1. Be sure to check out this epic artist residency at Bund18, 18Zhongshan East Road, Shangai, if you are in the area.



COS, the brand synonymous for its commitment to functional design, quality and affordability, is pleased to announce their partnership with Palais de Tokyo this autumn. Supporting the worldrenowned institution’s INSIDE exhibition, specifically the work ‘Tape Paris’ created byNumen/For Use.

An immense odyssey within itself, Inside invites visitors to pass through two levels of the Palais de Tokyo, all transformed by various artists. Tape Paris, the monumental installation by collective Numen / For Use – consisting only of transparent tape – will be deployed in the lobby of Palais de Tokyo as a stretched canvas. The arms of the body will suspend from the building inside, suggesting its unique form. Paralleling COS’ utilitarian and nature inspired AW14 collection, the organic form and interactive nature of the work encourages guests to engage with the installation.

Of the partnership, COS’ Head of Womenswear Design, Karin Gustafsson, says, “As a brand inspired by the arts, we are pleased to be working with Palais de Tokyo, an exciting and established institution in the creative world.” Martin Andersson, Head of Menswear Design, states, “We feel extremely privileged to be supporting the work of collective, Numen/For Use as we feel they align perfectly with the COS aesthetic and ethos of tactile, modern and functional design.”

Jean de Loisy, President of Palais de Tokyo, says “We warmly thank COS for their generosity and sensibility in their way to support the exhibition and specifically accompany the project of Numen/For Use. We are pleased to create links with a brand with which we share sustainable values of high requirement and accessibility.”

The Inside exhibition at Palais de Tokyo will run from 20 October 2014 – 11 January 2015.


Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014 Mercedes-Benz Sculpture by Gerry Judah

Aside from the vehicles themselves, the major highlight of Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014 was undoubtedly the event’s arching Mercedes-Benz sculpture. Created by London-based artist and designer Gerry Judah, the enormous 90-meter-tall steel arch soars 26 meters above the historic Goodwood house and pits two Mercedes racers against one another. Designed to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Mercedes racing team’s distinctive silver colorway, the piece makes use of two classics: the 1934 W25 – which won in its very first outing at the notorious Nürburgring with Manfred Von Brauchitsch behind the wheel – and the F1 W04, the Formula 1 team’s current vehicle of choice and one that’s been led to victories at both Silverstone and Monte Carlo by Nico Rosberg.


Other Criteria New York Opening

The latest from the Damian Hirst-owned publishing company Other Criteria entails the opening of a first-ever stateside space in New York. Totalling 3,000 square feet, the boutique-gallery hybrid showcases original works from Hirst in addition to accessories, art books, clothing, toys and more. This new location can be tagged onto an already existing list of Other Criteria spaces in London, Marylebone and Ilfracombe. Tuesday, May 6 marks the official opening of the SoHo space.

Other Criteria 458 Brome Street

New York, NY 10012

United States

“According To What” Exhibition @ Brooklyn Museum

Endeavoring to see his work continue to resonate internationally, Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei has partnered with Brooklyn Museum in showcasing his ”According To What” exhibition. Despite not being able to travel abroad himself, or subsequently attend the showing in Brooklyn, Wei Wei’s expression is translated through a multitude of mediums while commenting on topics including culture, history, politics, and tradition. Over 30 works spanning 20 years of Wei Wei’s career are included in the exhibition, which will be held over the duration of the summer, until August 10.

source: hypebeast

“Dream Cars” Exhibition @ High Museum of Art Atlanta

Atlanta’s High Museum of Art will soon be hosting the “Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas” exhibition. Curated in partnership with Ken Gross, veteran automotive writer and historian, the exhibition will use the automobile as a lens to explore the ideas behind design and innovation. Featuring 17 marvellous concept cars that range from 1935 to contemporary times, the exhibition will include the elegant 1935 Bugatti Type 57S Aerolithe, 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt and the jet-inspired 1955 Chrysler Ghia. In addition, models and drawings will be on display to illustrate the various stages of design behind these beautiful vehicles. The exhibition will open up to the public on May 21 and will run through to September 7 at the High Museum of Art Atlanta.

“Antipode” Exhibition @ Ronchini Gallery

Toying with haunting visual motifs through clever photography and installation is rising Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde, who has recently unveiled a new exhibition at Ronchini Gallery in London. Smilde’s latest work is chiefly concerned with the spirit that occupies a place – either pristinely new or ravaged by age – represented by cloud-like emissions in empty spaces. The artist achieves this by meticulously adjusting the temperature and humidity in the spaces, then using fog machines to emit a small gas. Photographs, taken in the moments before the cloud dissipates, are the only real evidence that the cloud existed – which plays perfectly into the history of Smilde’s abandoned studios, factories, and offices. Enjoy this look at “Antipode” above, then head over to Ronchini Gallery before June 14 if in the London area.

sources: designboom/hypebeast

“Hello, My Name is Paul Smith” Exhibition

Celebrating 40 years of fashion excellence, the London Design Museum provides a look into the eclectic world of designer Paul Smith with its latest exhibition “Hello, My Name is Paul Smith.” From his company’s humble beginnings in Nottingham to its international prominence of today, the collaborative exhibit will explore various stages of design and production with hopes of showcasing how his techniques in traditional tailoring are retained as well as juxtaposed against a signature contemporary edge. Gentlemans Diary Magazine is so exciting for this exhibition and we cant wait to see it as soon as possible. Take a look!