How to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn!


It is that time of year when once again we all have to put our summer garments to the side and make way for something warmer.  For some of us this may be a sigh of relief knowing that hot sultry days are truly over – for the time being at least. For the style buffs among us there’s no time like the season changeover; this period instantly reminds us of new garments, different colours and a range of exciting and fresh combinations to exhibit amongst our respective entourage.

The Transitional Season

Trending with something new is key in order to revive our outfits with new vigour, and the Gagliardi seasonal theme serves as an excellent inspirational backdrop against which to set personal preferences and step out boldly to face the Autumn with confidence.

Step 1: Change your colour tones

This season’s blues come in different shades from the lightest to the darkest and serve well as a base colour from which to start building an outfit. The greys come well matched with burgundy, navy or brown.  Traditional autumnal browns are encapsulated between checks, stripes and paisley prints.

Step 2: Opt for Warmer Accessories

Dazzle up your evenings in pre-winter style; add the first tie or bow-tie of the season to the shirt collar, selecting colours that speak of falling leaves, muted sunsets, and casual elegance. Think of the typical Tuscan country gentleman and embellish each outfit accordingly as any truly Gagliardi gentleman would.Try incorporating this by making a shirt and tie replacement during weekdays, pairing these with twill chinos and a rain coat. Then opt for a puffer jacket or chunky shawl neck cardigan at the weekend.

Step 3: Layer Up

Proceed to include waistcoats; these are a smart and are easily exchangeable with different shirts and trousers. While an embellished wrap-around scarf could be enough for those slightly colder mornings, the waistcoat can become an indispensable part of the layering process. This allows for shedding off layers as the day proceeds and adding them back on for the evening out. Remember that even the most casual of outfits will look smarter and unique with the inclusion of a well-fitted waistcoat.