Last Week's Best InstaMoments


Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Last week I had the opportunity to collaborate with a huge male magazine. We filmed a video that I am really excited about and I cant wait to share it with you. The video is all about the male grooming. How often we have to visit the barber shop? which beard shape fits me the best? We gonna deep dive in this field and we gonna answer everything really soon. By the way, do you think that grooming is something that we need to talk about more often?


Last week I had also the opportunity to visit the new Caffe Torino in Athens. The first negroni bar that it was open only for 3 days in the center of the city. Martini is a brand that I really enjoy and I buy it all the time. The star of the night: Persephone Fizz. A mixture of Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter and Ambrato, Spiced Blood Orange Cordial, Lime juice and three cents of Gentleman’s soda.