The Good Italian II - The Prince goes to Milan - starring Giancarlo Giannini

The beautifully cinematic and playful Part I of Caruso’s fashion film, The Good Italian, reminded us of classic Italian sensibilities and the charming temperament of a fine gentleman. Reprising his role as the Prince of Soragna, which happens to be the home of the Italian suitmaker, is Giancarlo Giannini (Casino Royale). As the short piece seamlessly crafts a narrative that embodies the beauty and traditions of Italy, viewers are swept up on a culinary journey that continues on from the whimsical stylings of the first installment. As the prince visits the city of Milan, he travels in an exquisite Lancia Aurelia B24 and makes a final stop at the Four Seasons Hotel. There, he fraternizes with the chefs in the Michelin-starred hotel kitchen as they prepare the perfect dinner. Set against the infinitely beautiful backdrop of Italy, Giancarlo’s title character is a vision of refinement and sophistication that reflects the ethos of the label. You can watch the full video above.