House Dornbirn by k_m architektur

Offering some of the most stunning views of the Rhine Valley, Lake Constance and the mountains of Varalberg imaginable is k_m architektur’s House Dornbirn. Constructed of locally-sourced timber, concrete, copper and glass, the beautiful family home — completed over the previous two years — sports a floating and cantilevered design that sees its roof canopy providing ample shade to the balcony beneath it while also protecting the home from the relentless summer sun. Furthermore, thanks to the predominance of the home’s timber, the meadow-set design naturally blends in with the surrounding environment and will age with time to merge with the surrounding trees even better yet. Inside, private and communal areas are clearly delineated with bedrooms and the like located on a top floor that opens up to a terrace — which encircles the entirety of the level — that offers expansive views of the landscape. Best of all, sustainable considerations — in addition to the local materials — include the likes of a solar-heated water system and geothermal heating.