Ferrari 458 Speciale by NOVITEC ROSSO

Carbon fiber, power, sound and high-tech forged rims: these are the four hallmarks of German tuner NOVITEC ROSSO’s “refinement” program for Ferrari‘s high-powered 458 Speciale. Featuring an exterior of tailor-made genuine carbon fiber body components, the vehicle sees its original specs boosted to 636 horsepower and a top speed in excess of 200 mph as a weight-saving INCONEL exhaust system–borrowed from Formula 1 racing–optimizes both power output and sound and is coupled with the carbon fiber construction. Additional upgrades include everything from custom 21″ forged wheels and a modified suspension to exclusive options for the leather–and Alcantara-covered interior, extended carbon fiber shift paddles, and a brand new rear wing/diffusor combo–developed to optimize aerodynamics and reduce the negative lift on the rear axle.

source: hypebeast