Leica X2 “The Paper Skin” Edition Fedrigoni

With more than 125 years of experience under its belt, Italian paper manufacturer Fedrigoni is the latest brand to collaborate on a Leica camera as it presents “The Paper Skin” edition of the X2. As “Edition Fedrigoni” comes etched on the camera’s lens, the limited edition makeup is marked by the use of Fedrigoni’s “Constellation Jade” paper in place of the design’s usual leather band.

Vigorously tested, the textured white paper survived a 16-step process – including extreme temperatures and more than 400 abrasion intervals – in order to meet Leica’s exacting expectations, thus making it as tough and durable as some of the most renowned leathers in the world. Limited to just 25 pieces in all, “The Paper Skin” edition comes complete with lavish packaging reminiscent of a paper sample book. Price and availability: TBD.