Vanhulsteijn x Sotheby’s – The Urushi Bicycle Project

Exclusively for Sotheby’s Dutch designer Herman van Hulsteijn created a very special edition of 9 extraordinary Vanhulsteijn bicycles covered in a dazzling coat of Japanese urushi lacquer and gold leaf. The curve is the single most distinguishing feature of this bicycle, stretching from the saddle toward the handlebars in front and terminating at the rear wheel at the back.

It appears as if the rider is floating in mid­air. This particular bike design grew out of Hermans need to create ‘a good looking cycle’: a head­turner that is designed for fast, comfortable rides. At first he build a prototype just to himself, but as soon as he started riding around the city everybody wanted one. After selling a first batch of bikes, printed press and bloggers also noticed the innovative look of the Vanhulsteijn bicycle. This jump­started the development of the bike and allowed Herman to open the Vanhulsteijn shop and broaden his international clientele. Today the Vanhulsteijn bicycles are still handcrafted completely out of stainless steel in the middle of Arnhems working­ class quarters by a small team of craftsmen using the latest techniques and a wide variety of high quality parts.

source: fucking young