Blue Black Is The Anthem Of Style

Hello everyone!

December is one of my favorite months! A month full of hapiness, coldness,  hot coffe and christmas spirit. I can't deny that inside me I will always be a young child which enjoys every single minute of that magical month. A lot of things are happening like the new issue which will be really awesome and I can't wait to show what we prepared for you. But till then I want to share with you some of the shots that I took this weekend.

For this photoshoot I chose blue black and black as the main colours of the outfit. Then completed the look with my favorite brown leather boots. The coat is from the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection and it is a true piece of art. Athens seems perfect to be in those days while Nico Louris (our Editor-In-Chief) is traveling all around Europe. Did I mention that our instagram account is always available to show you our real everyday life? Oh YES, it does. So don't waist time! Follow Gentlemans Diary Magazine on instagram and on our official facebook fan page for daily updates. Finally I would like to thank everyone showing us so much love! Those emails keeps us really inspired. Until next time you guys try to be really cool and gentle.

See you soon,