Discovering New York from The Plaza – an insider guide with the Chef Concierge

Raphael Pallais, Chef Concierge, The Plaza New York (Fairmont Managed) has taken us through an exclusive tour to discover a different New York – exclusive, refined, intriguing and most of all surprising.

Has anyone ever asked you to get a “real” shirt in 24 hours? Well, if you were to ask me I would direct you to Italian designer Nedo Belluci. From his beautiful atelier perched on the 17th floor of 5 East 57th Street (Palazzo Bellucci he calls it), he will make a great shirt and deliver it into your hotel room in 24 hours.

On the shoe front we like two designers that are not your regular shoemakers: T.O Dey (151 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036for that special customized shoes (including orthotics) and for boots, the cobblers at E. Vogel (19 Howard Street have been an incredible source for many years now – actually, since 1879.

New York is famous for its jewelry and we are flooded with the big guys, from Henri Stern to Harry Winston. But the small, specialty designers also have a nook in the city where they thrive. I am thinking of the Fortunato twins originally from humble beginnings in the Lower East Side and now strutting their stuff at Henri Bendel; or Andy Lifschutz, who turns everyday materials into magical creations (117 Grattan St., Brooklyn, by appointment only.

In terms of vintage items, New Yorkers and visitors alike turn to either Screaming Mimi (382 Lafayette Street, or for more intimate spaces, try What comes around goes around, a unique concept with flagships in New York and Los Angeles (351 West Broadway)

Finally, for those who have it all but are still looking for a more intimate shop and experience, what better than Kiki de Montparnasse, where special high end lingerie, toys, books and even private rooms for bridal showers. (79 Greene St.)

Raphael Pallais, Chef Concierge, The Plaza New York