''Air Drive'' By Renaud Marion

We all have seen in science fiction films the hovering car without wheels or we even have imagined them when we are stuck in the traffic. This dream is also shared by French photographer Renaud Marion, who creates images depicting hovering cars in everyday urban settings. In his ongoing photographic project titled ‘‘Air Drive’’, Marion combines retro car designs with futuristic technology, a project driven by his childhood visions of how the world was going to look like in the future.

For his images he uses iconic car models from the 1950’s and 60’s, such as the XK120 Jaguar, a Cadillac DeVille, a Chevrolet El Camino and a Mercedes-Benz SL, all of which were considered a symbol of technological advancement and social status at the time of their release. Gentlemans Diary Magazine wish that one day you and ourselves will be able to drive that kind of cars! Until then lets just take a look of the photos.

sources: Renaud Marion