In Spetses For Mini Marathon - Day 1

Hello over there!

For this post I brought summer back! I had the opportunity to visit Spetses for the Mini Marathon 2013 and thank God summer followed me! It was one of the best experiences ever.

It was Friday night when I found myself in that beautiful island and it was time to relax. Poseidonion Grand Hotel was the perfect place for me. A unique and luxury hotel since 1914 placed in the center of the port is ready to treat you like true kings and queens. More posts about the hotel and the Mini Marathon will be available soon. An exclusive dinner for the press was about to happen so I had to hurry up. The dinner was perfect and I had the chance to hang out with very important and famous greek journalists. But unfortunately my bed was calling me. A very busy weekend was waiting for me full of swimming and speed races.

Before hitting the races I took the chance and I photographed this H&M jacket that literally stole my heart. It was just perfect for that island and for my style. I paired it with my Ralph Lauren shirt and my Zara trousers. And of course my Acne boots were on my list. The island is really really beautiful! I cant wait for summer 2014 to visit it again.

If you live in Greece or if you ever find yourself in Greece, don't forget to visit that island.  Poseidonion Grand Hotel will also make you feel special and unique. You can find more information's about Poseidonion here.

See you soon,