Anna Lomax for Clarks Originals

"Timelessness and creativity are at the heart of the Clarks Originals brand so ‘Originals Pioneers’ is the next natural step in the brand’s journey. Inspired by Nathan Clark’s pioneering spirit and the brand’s ability to remix classic styles, Anna Lomax and Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee embody these values, and represent Clarks Originals through their exceptionally creative, distinct projects" 
Gemma Green, Clarks Originals Marketing Manager

The 'Originals Pioneers' is a new long-term brand initiative by Clarks kicking off this Autumn-Winter 2013 (AW13). The Clarks Originals has always been an iconic footwear label with a well-established bond with art in the form of music. This time, it is exploring a more varied form of 'creativity' by partnering with pioneers of other disciplines of art, pioneers like Anna Lomax.