Gentlemans Diary Presents Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

Polo Red is the new fragrance by Ralph Lauren.The inspiration which was taken for this fragrance was the the red, fast and powerful cars. Those cars which their main characteristics are speed, style and beauty.

Polo Red is pure adrenaline in a bottle with a fiery edge and daring confidence.  The story behind every Polo fragrance starts with a color. This one brings seduction and power, marking a new era for Polo fragrances. Is a fiery mix of spicy red saffron, fresh red grapefruit and deep red wood that ignites the thrill- seeker in every man. Ruby red grapefruit is succulent, zesty and bold with diametrically opposing bittersweet notes that give it great versatility and intrigue. The high- gloss, opaque bottle is a striking, fiery red, mimicking the sleek curves of an automobile and featuring the iconic Polo pony logo. The bottle is topped with a matte black cap to create a powerful appearance. Polo red is for those gentlemen who are daring a risk, confident, to make their appearance unforgettable. So gentlemen you don't have to wait go out there and grab it.

photos by The Gentlemans Diary Team