Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus Ends Production with The Kombi Edition

Earning the title as the longest-standing model in production, the Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus is finally coming to a halt after 56 years of production in Brazil. To end its tenure, Volkswagen will produce 600 Blue Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition vans before new safety regulations forces Volkswagen to cease production of the celebrated model. The Kombi Last Edition will be sold only in Brazil for $85,000 BRL (approximately $35,500 USD) with a certificate of authenticity from Volkswagen, and a numbered plaque on the dashboard signifying it as one of 600. The Kombi Last Edition also sees an upgrade in horsepower, from 28 hp to 78 hp, while a unique blue and white vinyl interior matches the two-tone exterior paint for added retro esteem. Rounded up with a modern sound system, the Kombi Last Edition brings forth the Type 2 Microbus’s timeless appeal in contemporary light — a rare and coveted offering for auto enthusiasts.

 Source: Autoblog