Hello August! Hello Vacations!

Well August is finally here and now it's my turn to be on vacations too. My suitcase is ready and my expectations are high. This year its all about Greece! I will visit some of the greek islands so you have to stay tuned. Usually i was trying not to waist a single day but some friends of mine were here in Athens including my best friend and Editor In Chief Nico Louris. Nico and I had to work on our page and for the upcoming issue. Gentlemans Diary Magazine is for sure a big part of my life right now and I just enjoy every single minute working for it. But now my mind is only into the vacations ''File''. Hope you guys will have the best vacations of your life! Until next time keep rocking!

See you soon,


Trousers: Lanvin
Shirt: Zara
Shoes: HeByMango
Watch: Armani
Sunglasses: Dolce&Gabbana