The Adastra Superyacht by John Shuttleworth

Five years since shipping industry billionaire Anto Marden commissioned the construction of the Adastra Superyacht the modern marvel has recently taken the crown for “Most Innovative Design” at the 2013 World Superyacht Awards. Designer John Shuttleworth chose a trimaran shape in which the boat features multiple hulls with a main hull in the middle and two smaller outrigger hulls at its side. This one just so happens to be the second largest of its kind, but the only that can be controlled by an iPad miles away from the actual vessel. Measurements taken during sea trials show that its fuel consumption at 10.5 knots can respectfully reach as low as 17 liters per hour when carrying 10% fuel and water. Its slender hulls and streamlined exterior allow the Adastra to travel faster in the open ocean. At 17 knots the Adastra has a 4,000 mile range to comfortably cross both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at hi-speeds. Furthermore, the deck and superstructure is constructed from carbon fiber with Nomex honeycomb core while the hull is a glass/Kevlar foam sandwich as the interior offers lightweight oak cabinetry and honeycomb panels. To further reduce weight Shuttleworth specifically incorporated carbon fiber hatches, toilets, port lights and ladders. If you happen to be traveling by sea in or around Indonesia any time soon, you may spot the Adastra Superyacht as Marden will likely be traveling between the pair of islands he owns in the region.