Bulgari Pavilion for Abu Dhabi Art

As part of the 2012 Abu Dhabi Art event held in November last year, the London based practice of Not a Number Architects designed an impressive pavilion for the Italian jewellery house Bulgari. The Bulgari Pavilion, as it became known, functioned as an exclusive VIP lounge and bar venue where the privileged guests could browse through the special collection of the company’s jewellery in a social space which hosted live music events during the course of the exhibition. The structure was created from thousands of cut and polished acrylic tubes secured to form a freestanding mass set into the deck of the space. The heritage and design of Bulgari was referenced through the elegant forms of fountain like shapes created through arches and cupolas, a classic feature of Italian architecture. When internally lit, the pavilion became a fairytale scene, gleaming images which rivalled the gems of the world renowned firm.