Gentlemans Diary presents Joan Miró

Joan Miró a Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona. A true gentleman in his era. Embracing the ''Surrealism'' was not the wrong way for Miró. In 1924, Miró joined the Surrealist group. The already symbolic and poetic nature of Miró’s work, as well as the dualities and contradictions inherent to it, fit well within the context of dream-like automatism espoused by the group.  Much of Miró’s work lost the cluttered chaotic lack of focus that had defined his work thus far, and he experimented with collage and the process of painting within his work so as to reject the framing that traditional painting provided. Starting in 1920, Miró developed a very precise style, picking out every element in isolation and detail and arranging them in deliberate composition. Miró's work can still make us wonder how creative and unique the artist was. A true insipartion for the younger artists and pure art for our eyes, Miró for sure is a person who changed everything about art. ''Think outside the box'' ladies and gentleman. Take a look of his most famous paintings and let us know what you think.