Azealia Banks: The New Addiction

If you havent heard anything about Azealia Banks you have red for sure. Azealia is one of the hottest names out there and she is from New York. Her style is deffinetly the rap but with some influence from the house electronic music. Only 21 years old and she is a music treasure. Her songs are unique and her lives are a true experience. Also a fashion icon and a inspiration for some designers. Her song Bambi was the soundtrack of the Mugler show, a live concert at Karl Langerfeld's house and a live also at Roberto Cavalli's show are some facts that fashion loves Azealia. A few weeks ago azealia did a fashion music video with Asose. We admit that we are so addicted with her and we can not wait to meet her. Until then take a look at some pictures of her and of course our favorite music video 1991.